Opening Post

For this project I am trying a combination of techniques. I found a very basic template based on the 960 grid system. It has a simple CSS file to define the columns. I stripped the template down and modified it so that it is more or less inside-out.

I now put most formatting code in the article itself. I can invoke large chunks of re-usable code through macros, and apply a variable (such as adding a unique page background among other things). If a special extension, widget or module is needed, then these can be loaded into the grid as desired.

Let’s face it:
the classic blog post is boring.

"Barring the text and images, each one generally has the exact same layout. We see little originality from one post to the next. Of course, consistency and branding are extremely important to consider when designing a website or blog, but what about individuality? Does a blog post about kittens deserve the same layout as one about CSS hacks?"

From the Story that has inspired this excercise. Smashing Magazine ( is a good resource and I follow their articles.

I will be creating a complete Joomla tutorial for my procedures and will make this available for a small PayPal payment.
Email me if you are interested.